Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review: Kiss the Bride

Kiss the Bride

A Tallwood Novella

by: Jody Wallace

Publishing July 29, 2013


Should you read this book? 

Answer: Maybe


Here's why:

This novella was not bad but it was not the best book I ever read. It was a short and entertaining. The story was told from two perspectives, that of Herman "Heck" Edward Heckley and Caroline Oakenfeld. Caroline is about to get married and her best friend Heck is her "maid" of honor. The story follows Heck as he tries to be the best maid of honor ever and Caroline as she prepares for a loveless, sexless marriage while making a last ditch effort to get Heck (her best friend, since forever) to FINALLY notice her. Jody Wallace manages to tell a full and complex story in a short format.

I typically don't mind when stories flip perspectives every chapter but in this particular novella I did not care for it. This stems from how Jody Wallace portrayed Heck, he was a caricature more than an character. He was a stereotyped construction worker who was not in touch with his feelings. Jody Wallace tried to throw in some tidbits about Heck to break the stereotypes (such as his love of romantic movies) but this did little to overcome the overwhelming stereotype. Jody could have also gone further to develop Caroline's character, which came across as flat for the majority of the book.

Overall, it was entertaining but for me the true judge of a book is if I would read it again. In the case of Kiss the Bride, I will never read it again which is why it only receives a Maybe rating. 

Next up on my reading list: Anybody But Him by Claire Baxter

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