Saturday, July 20, 2013

Review: Better Read Than Dead

Better Read Than Dead

A Psychic Eye Mystery

Should you read this book? 

Answer: Yes


Here's why:

Victoria Laurie yet again weaves a realistic yet magical tale of  Abby Cooper a psychic intuitive who gets herself into messy situations as she works to help the local detectives and her FBI boyfriend solve mysteries. This installment in the series finds Abby mixed up with the Detroit mob as she works with the local police to catch a serial rapist.

While not quite as good as the first book, this one definitely keeps you guessing until the very end. Victoria Laurie still manages to weave in humor as Abby bumbles around trying to catch a rapist.

This installment also sees Abby's relationship with her FBI agent boyfriend Dutch escalate. Dutch as a serious personality to the mix and is the perfect foil for Abby's lovable but sometimes ditzy character. 

Victoria Laurie is a master at creating characters. In this second book, Laurie develops all the characters further and you feel like you really get to know Abby and her friends.

Next up on my reading list: A Vision of Murder by Victoria Laurie

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