Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review: Killer Insight

Killer Insight

A Psychic Eye Mystery

Should you read this book? 

Answer: Have you been reading the series? 

If Yes, then you probably should to keep up with the story-line. 

If No, then I would pass.


Here's why:

This novel is not Victoria Laurie's best. While the book ends with a bang, it takes forever to get there. The last 50 pages are the best of the whole book, by far. The beginning of the book drags as Abby deals with personal issues about her relationship with Dutch and her burgeoning relationship with Duffy. The conflict between Dutch feels contrived and Abby's flight from Michigan (while remaining true to character) seem like an easy way to deal with the interpersonal relationship between Dutch and Abby which wraps up in a nice package at the end of the book.Victoria Laurie never really deals with what went on between her Abby and Dutch. For a book series that seems so extraordinary, Victoria Laurie always, previously, had her characters  seem so real, the way she dealt with them in this book seems to take after a romantic comedy.

The over-arching mystery in this novel takes a back-seat to the aforementioned romance triangle. This is sad, as the mystery could have been taken a lot further than it was. It wasn't gripping as the previous books in the series were. This book was much easier to put down than Victoria Laurie's previous books. The twist does redeem this book, that is if you can get through the beginning.

Don't feel disheartened by this novel in the Psychic Eye series, overall it is a brilliantly written series that balances both wit and intriguing mysteries. 

Next up on my reading list: Kiss the Bride by Jody Wallace

P.S. Please post your thoughts about this book in the comments below! I would love to know what you thought.

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