Sunday, July 21, 2013

Review: A Vision of Murder

A Vision of Murder

A Psychic Eye Mystery

Should you read this book? 

Answer: Heck Yes!


Here's why:

The third time really is the charm! Victoria Laurie keeps the storyline fresh with this installment as she introduces ghosts (which allows her to write a spin-off Ghost Hunter series with M.J. Holliday, a spiritual medium). Abby, her sister Cat, and her handy-man Dave go into business together purchasing fixer-upper houses. The first house they buy together has a resident ghost. This installment follows Abby and Dutch as they try to piece together the decades old murder mystery. 

This installment really focuses on the relationship between Dutch and Abby. Abby must get used to Dutch's overbearing but loving nature as they are forced to play house after Dutch has been wounded. Dutch's character really comes together in this installment as you see him as a vulnerable man instead of the hardened cop / FBI agent. Abby learns through the course of this novel how to deal with the vulnerable Dutch versus the cynical Dutch she knew. 

The mystery in book is completely intriguing. You will find yourself trying to figure out the mystery before Abby and Dutch. Victoria Laurie uses Abby's intuition as a great foreshadowing tool, which if you can connect the dots, you may be able to solve the mystery before Abby!

Next up on my reading list: Killer Insight by Victoria Laurie

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