Friday, August 23, 2013

Review: Running to You

Running to You

by: DeLaine Roberts

Should you read this book? 

Answer: No!


Here's why:

I was not able to finish this book. It is extremely rare that I will put a book down, but I am actively avoiding reading this novel. So, it seems high time that I do not continue.
I was able to read 36% of this novel before deciding that I just cannot take the story. The main character, Alex, is not likable. At first, she is fine but she progressively becomes more and more whiny as her romance with Grayson progresses. Grayson is a poor depiction of a male. He seems more like Robert's depiction of an ideal man than what an actual man is like. Grayson is emotionally dependent, overly affectionate, and in no way manly.
I can read books about characters I don't particularly like but the real reason this book was un-finish-able is that the story went it all sorts of directions in the first 36%. First, Alex wants to keep their forbidden relationship a secret which angers Grayson. Then, she faints at a dinner meeting (where an element of family secrets is shoddily thrown in) which leads to her having a stroke. After the stroke Grayson can't leave her side. On top of all this, Robert's adds due to an adolescent rape Alex has never had an adult relationship. This is just way to many plot twists and lends little credibility to the novel. Not only that there are large gaps in the story that destroy its continuity.
I just couldn't take anymore!

Next up on my reading list: Awaken by Meg Cabot

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