Thursday, August 22, 2013

Review: Secret Bond

Secret Bond

by: Gemma Halliday and Jennifer Fischetto

Should you read this book? 

Answer: YES! 


Here's why:

I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery. Gemma Halliday is an excellent writer who breathes life into the characters she creates. Her main character, Jamie Bond, is witty and relate-able. Jamie Bond is instantly likable as an ex-model turned private investigator. Jamie goes after scum-bag cheating husbands in L.A. in hopes of breaking pre-nups. This story takes a more personal twist as Jamie investigates her father's shooter much to the dismay of her father. Derek Bond just wants Jamie to leave the matter alone but Jamie pushes ahead getting pulled deeper into the mystery and risking her life.

Gemma Halliday weaves mystery with laughs (an a few tears). She writes real characters. Jamie Bond does not have a perfect life (as you find with many novels), she does not always know how she feels about the men in her life. Jamie struggles to ask her friends/coworkers for help. For me, this was what added true depth to her character as this is a conundrum we all struggle with. When is it time to ask for help? Halliday's Jamie deals with real problems in a fictional setting making the novel's story more real. Jamie Bond seems like she could be your best friend.

Gemma Halliday's delightful tale is a definite read! After picking up this novel, I now want to read the rest of Halliday's work.

Overall, it was entertaining but for me the true judge of a book is if I would read it again. In the case of Secret Bond I would read it again as well as the rest of the series. 

Next up on my reading list: Running to You by DeLaine Roberts

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